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HOPE Christian Academy

Church School (AL 16-28-1) Outreach, Union Grove Baptist Church

Romans I:II-I2


Getting Started: Homeschool 101 provides foundational information for all Alabama Homeschoolers. There is a FREE gift at the end of THIS free slide show presentation.

Church School Option:

Choosing a Church School in the state of Alabama can be difficult, as the options are numerous! We highly recommend that you and your spouse pray over and discuss all the following topics before selecting a church school covering for your family:

*level of reporting required by school

*HSLDA membership required (or not)

*curriculum choice

*field trip availability

*statement of Faith (required or not)

*mandatory meetings (required or not)

*lesson plan requirements

*parent support availability

*cost of tuition

*transcript preparation by school (or not)

*diploma prepared by school (or not)

* graduation available or not (and cost)

*dual college enrollment

*education website memberships

While we prefer HOPE Christian Academy, we would like to ensure you find the church school that best suits your needs. Here is a Google Spreadsheet prepared by some local homeschoolers that will help you decide what church school will best suit your needs: <LINK>

Connecting Socially:

Socialization is the SINGLE most common argument against homeschooling. HOPE Christian Academy's Support Group hosts 20+ activities each month. Membership is included with church school tuition.

Other Important Things To Consider:

HSLDA Membership - While HOPE Christian Academy does not require HSLDA membership, we do encourage it. HSLDA  is prepaid legal assistance for homeschool families. They are a wealth of useful homeschooling information. They are also lobby our legislators to benefit homeschool families. You can save $20 by using the HOPE Christian Academy Discount # 210124.