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    I, by my e-signature below, indicate that my family and I agree to ALL of the following terms and conditions: * The parents listed on this form (including myself) are the legal parents/guardians of the students listed for enrollment. * We hold Union Grove Baptist Church, HOPE Christian Academy, and all their associates harmless for the educational, physical, and emotional well being of our children/students. * We understand that enrollment with HOPE Christian Academy may be revoked at the discretion of HOPE Christian Academy without refund upon written notification OR upon failure to pay appropriate fees. * We also understand that we are solely responsible for renewing each year by the first of August WITHOUT reminders from HOPE Christian Academy. * I hereby indicate by my e-signature that we (parents/guardians listed on this form) will instruct our own children/students, and that we are NOT unschooling. * We acknowledge that we are solely responsible for the selection, purchase, and implementation of any/all curriculum for our students/children. * We hereby agree to maintain accurate attendance/grade records and samples of work for each of our students/children. * We hereby affirm that we will submit grade and attendance records using the HOPE Christian Academy online forms by the 15th of BOTH January and June of each year. * We will withdraw in writing ONLY, as email is NOT a legally acceptable method of communication. * We further understand and acknowledge that failure to meet these expectations may result in disenrollment and/or denial of re-enrollment for the next year.
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